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Hi guys, as we all know there’s enough food/diet tips on the internet to probably crash the world economy if all opened at once! I’m just going to throw 3 simple points to follow; it really does not have to be that complicated.

1- Consume more water, most people won’t even drink 2 litres of water in a day, I roughly consume 40ml per kg of body weight as a rule of thumb, so just over 4 litres min for me, if I’m training i will most likely drink more without really noticing. There are so many benefits of drinking water, improved brain function, decrease in tiredness, increase in energy levels and cleaning the body out.

2- Tracking your macros, macros on an easy level can be broken down into 3 groups, fat, carbohydrate and protein. All essential in day to day life. It’s the quality of these macros that count. 1 g of protein is worth 4 calls, 1 g carbohydrate is worth 4 calls and 1 g of fat is worth 9 calls. Obviously calorific goals are all different, dependant on what you’re doing and what you want to achieve and in turn so are the macros. Macros can be easily tracked by using certain apps or obtaining a tailored lifestyle change plan from Primal.

3- Moderation. As my mother has always said everything in moderation, which leads to a broad range of foods, happier lifestyle, good brain health and results!! Let’s be fair guys not many of us are elite level athletes contracted to eat certain foods, we all like a sneaky bit of chocolate and letting loose once in a while. Which leads me back to moderation, we don’t like to use the word diet at primal. Are goal is for a lifestyle change and a better understanding of what foods your eating or most importantly to me feeding my kids.

Author Pete Axon

Chester Based Trainer, Pete Axon, created Primal Chester in 2016. Pete specialises in combining unique products with his unique actionable information, aimed at helping people achieve a new level of physical achievement and well-being.

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